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Andy Warhol once famously said that everyone in the future would be world-famous for  15 minutes.  Well Dear Old Dad has had his share recently (well, not really world famous, or famous at all… but you know what I mean) courtesy to me agitating incessantly about the pathetic funding available to enable the elderly to live in their own homes, and once approved the wait time for the package.

We appeared on the 7.30 report in January along with other people who had been approved for home care packages and were still waiting (12 months for Dad this month). The transcript of the program can be read here.  An on-line article featuring Dad came out after the program.

Following that I received a call from Alison Houston, a journalist who had seen it and wanted to interview Dad about his life and in particular his time in the country.  It has appeared in a few places but the best place to read this is in this issue of Gold Coast Seniors Magazine, pp30-31.  One part is about Dad’s life, the other about Home Care packages.


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